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Guitar Cases

Nowadays it’s getting harder and harder to carry guitars onto airlines, especially the flat body, rather sensitive electric variety of guitar. Those funny folks at the airlines keep insisting on having you check your guitarcase, often at the gate. This doesn’t bode well for the guitar, or its owner. The guitar can get damaged, leaving its owner with the pain of an unplayable ax at the gig. Neither is good. We all have stories of going through the rigors of air travel only to find your guitar case all banged up as it shoots down the luggage carousel. Holding your breath as you open the case.

Your guitar is your baby, why not give it the rightful protection it deserves with The TANK guitar case. Check us out to see whether your model of guitar fits our basic guitar case setup. We have basic set ups for electric guitar cases, and electric bass guitar cases. If not, we will happily create a custom interior for the more unusual guitars. Oh yeah, you’ll look really cool hauling one of these around, too.


  • Aluminum case with chamfered corners for impact deflection
  • Interior, sealed storage space
  • Full-length piano hinge
  • Made in the U.S.A

Guitar Cases


Electric Guitar Case (42x16x4.5″)
$ 729.00

Custom Electric Guitar Case
$ 1095.00

Bass Guitar Case (48x16x4.5″)
$ 749.00

Custom Bass Guitar Case
$ 1139.00


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