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Why did we decide to create a professional instrument case? As we all know, instruments in the brass family can make a very big sound – huge, sometimes, and one would think they are rather burly, strong constructions and could take abuse. One would be very, very wrong. Trombones, trumpets, french horns, euphoniums, tubas and any other instrument made of spun and drawn brass are all about as fragile as can be. The slightest knock produces a dent. Dropping most cases containing one and you will find damage to the horn when you open the case, often rendering the instrument unplayable.

This is why we created the TANK line of instrument cases. Designed with SIP, or Suspension in Place technology, which makes sure that whatever instrument is placed in its bed inside the case cannot move – not one iota of motion, these are, we believe, the ultimate musical instrument case for anyone who wishes or needs to have secure protection for their instrument. Airplanes, trains, busses, trucks and any other conveyance are prone to weight shifts, drops of containers (cases, for example), or just clumsy baggage handlers, all of which can cause the dreaded “motion inside the case” syndrome which can wreak havoc on any musical instrument. The TANK cures this syndrome, short of bullets fired or large trucks running over the case. We have seen our cases come back with enough damage to make them unrepairable, BUT WITHOUT DAMAGE TO THE INSTRUMENT INSIDE!

So, for those of you with an expensive trombone or other instrument you value highly, you might want to consider one of these cases for that expensive-to-replace-and-the-replacement-will-never-match-the-original-anyway for that instrument.

Do the TANK cases cost more than the so-called competition? Yes, they do. However, they provide much greater protection than anything else in their weight class and can, and should be considered an investment rather than a purchase. It can be said that this is one instance where value far outweighs price.

Our options range from trumpet cases, to saxophone case to guitar case. However we understand you may require a unique case solution. Need a custom case? We have created custom designs for professional musicians, like bassoonists in the Detroit Symphony and a triple trombone case for Charles Vernon of the Chicago Symphony for his alto, tenor and bass trombones. We can provide cases for alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, double cases for trumpets and flugel horns, Triple for Bb, C and piccolo trumpets, screw bell trombones, both tenor and bass, and euphoniums with up to 11 inch bells. These are all custom orders. Please call for prices.

All cases include our “suspension-in-place” technology for maximum protection from impact and motion, are lightweight, and for the larger cases, wheels for easier transport.

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