The Tank

What is the Tank?

trumpetcase[dropcap]D[/dropcap]oes your brass instrument have the kind of protection it deserves and needs with a professional instrument case? These cases are an investment in the longevity of your valuable instrument. If you are not protecting your trumpet, trombone, saxophone or other instrument because you think you can’t afford a truly protective case, you owe it to yourself to think seriously about what it would take to replace your tenor or bass trombone if it were damaged beyond repair during travel. We all pay a lot for the instruments we use and we should protect our investments the best way possible. The TANK is your solution. Call or email today to find out more or to order one of these amazing cases.

The TANK is a collection of protective cases for musical instruments unlike anything else on the market. They are engineered to provide maximum protection against drops, bangs, and rough handling by baggage handlers, and are fully capable of taking the stresses of the day-to-day handling we all give our cases.

Damage happens every time when an instrument continues to move when the case it is in stops abruptly. We to call it “interior whiplash”. The TANK cases make sure that the instrument, whether trumpet, trombone, bass trombone, contra-bass trombone, euphonium, alto, tenor, or baritone sax never even knows it’s been moved.

Made of aluminum with chamfered corners, for impact deflection, an interior foam design of different foam densities and memory foam, the interior is engineered for the professional musician. The TANK cradles your instrument in an incredibly effective cocoon of protection.

The Tank Advantage

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is the first light-weight case ever that you can feel comfortable handing over to an airline baggage team, because you know you will get that instrument back at the other end in exactly the same condition as it left your hands

• Strong all aluminum case with chamfered corners.

• Die-cut single block foam to fit your instrument and eliminate movement

• Interior, sealed storage space (nothing gets loose to move on its own)

The Tank Advantage diagram

• Snap handles stay close to the body — less chance of breakage

• Full-length piano hinge with stops at 90 degrees

• “D” rings for those who wish to attach a strap to the smaller cases (shoulder strap is not included)

• Light weight

Suspension in Place Technology

• Not just for travel, safer day-to-day instrument case

• Discrete exterior so people aren’t aware of the high value asset inside the case

• Made in the USA.

The TANK continues to innovate and is stronger than ever! Place your order today!

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