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Trombone Cases

trombone_leadinSomeone once told me that the trombone is the most fragile of the brass instruments. That may or may not be absolutely true, but if you even look at a slide funny, it goes out of alignment. The TANK trombone case helps keep that from happening. How you look at the horn is your responsibility, but while it is in this case you can be sure that short of an IED exploding nearby, your trombone is safer inside this box than anywhere else while it’s being moved from point A to point B – on a plane, train, bus or even your car.

Motion inside a trombone case can, and does cause damage to slides, bells and even lead-pipes! Once inside this case… nothing moves, at all. If your instrument would be difficult to replace, repair or is just plain really expensive, The TANK trombone case is your solution. Your trombone will be safe in a TANK


  • Aluminum case with chamfered corners for impact deflection
  • Interior, sealed storage space
  • Full-length piano hinge
  • Made in the U.S.A

Product Line


Single Alto Trombone Case (28x13x8.5″)
$ 679.00

Single Tenor Trombone Case (38x12x9.5″)
$ 699.00

Single Bass Trombone Case (36.5×14.75×12″)
$ 839.00

Single Contra Bass Trombone Case (44x17x12″)
$ 1269.00

Shell Trombone Case (no foam) (40x12x12″)
$ 679.00

Double Case for Alto/Tenor Trombones (38x21x9.5)
$ 1259.00

Double Case for Tenor/Tenor Trombones (38×22.5×9.5″)
$ 1069.00

Triple Case for Alto/Bass/Tenor Trombones (38x34x12″)
$ 1539.00

Double Case for Bass/Tenor Trombones (38x25x12″)
$ 1179.00

Single Cimbasso Trombone Case (38x22x12″)
$ 1299.00