Suspension in Place

Suspension in Place technology

SIP creates an environment in which the instrument is gently placed into a cocoon of foam surrounded by an extruded aluminum shell. Once the case is closed, the instrument is completely immobilized – it cannot move. You don’t do anything other than gently place the instrument in its cradle, which is made of diecut foam and visco-elastic pads (“memory foam”). Once you close the case, the instrument is completely encased in this foam-based system. This system allows no movement once the lid is closed, and, as many of us have learned, if an instrument can move at all inside its case, a lot of damage can occur. Of course, there are those times when nothing bad happens even in soft gig bags, but this is usually through happy chance. The odds are always against us, however. The TANK system was created to minimize the chances for severe or even minor damage. While there is no absolute guaranteed protection, we believe this system, because of its simplicity and thoroughness, provides one of the best means of protection there is. There have been several instances in which the case itself has received major damage, with nothing at all happening to the instrument inside. That is precisely why this system was created – cases are considerably cheaper than fine brass instruments. We do, however continually seek improvements to both the interior and exterior of these cases. This new generation of TANKS exemplifies that in a big way, When a musician spends literally several thousand dollars for a fine instrument, it is worth several hundred to provide excellent protection for that instrument.

Suspension in Place Technology

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